October 16, 2008

Virtual Terminal demo!

Today I got the terminal emulator in a usable state. On the input side of it, the modifier keys—shift, diamond, and 2nd—work, and most of the keys translate correctly with these modifiers (the mechanisms are in place, but the translation table needs to be tweaked). On the output side, the terminal correctly parses nearly all of the common escape codes of the VT-100 (upon which I based my terminal emulator).

Here is an animated screenshot of the terminal in action as I typed the text at the bottom of the screen:

Note that the keyboard input is not actually going anywhere yet. All of it is only sent to the output. I still need to debug the tty code to make the input go into a raw queue and a canonicalized queue after the appropriate character conversions.

The changing pixels in the bottom row is a binary counter of interrupt 1 (running at 256 Hz). I discovered a possible bug in TiEmu in that it doesn't trigger interrupt 1 while a single-instruction loop (such as bra .) is running. I'd like to investigate this bug in TiEmu further, but for now I just added a workaround to my code: no loops of this kind!

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