August 31, 2012

Gopher site

I have a new Gopher site with TI calculator stuff!

If you have a Gopher client or a browser that supports Gopher, visit gopher:// now!

If you have a lame browser (such as IE) that doesn't support Gopher, visit now!

If you want to add Gopher support to your browser, install the Overbite plugin for Firefox/Seamonkey or Chrome, then you can browse Gopher sites directly, without Web gateways.

Why do I have a Gopher site?

I use Gopher because it's simple and easy to publish hierarchically-organized content (primarily text files) and link to other sites—Web sites, other Gopher sites, or even FTP sites.

It's simple like FTP but better. It's organized like an organized Web site but simpler, because I don't have to mess around with graphics and style sheets and all that fancy, superficial stuff. I can just write a text file and an optional description for it, and it shows up on my site where I put it.

Lately I've been using the site for publishing Punix and other calculator-related project design documents. I've quite a few documents that I've not published anywhere else, so if you want to see some Punix designs happen before they happen anywhere else (if they ever do), you know where to go!

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