March 27, 2011

Road trip!

I will be leaving out of state for awhile in a couple of days, so I will probably not be updating this blog much during the trip. I will be bringing my dino-laptop with me, however, so I can continue developing Punix as time permits.

Right now I am trying to compile and install GCC4TI onto it. It's taking a long time because the CPU runs at only 300MHz.... I already have TiEmu installed, which is really good, since I really don't want to compile that too.

Hopefully when I get back I can check in a working file system for Punix. :)

Update: I ended up compiling the latest version (3.03) of TiEmu anyway, since I had an older version (3.02) installed. It took about two hours to complete this (as I also had to download and compile the libti* packages). This turned out to be a very good thing though, since TiEmu now uses about 45% CPU on my dino-laptop, whereas before it pegged the CPU and ran at about 40% of real speed. That's about a 450% increase in performance!

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